Week Six – Ugh

This isn’t going to be a standard weekly progress check in, because this week has been one of those weeks. You know the kind… the ones where nothing quite goes right, but it’s not so bad that it’s a bad week. Yeah. One of those weeks.

I’ve been doing some running, but I’ve started noticing a twinge in my right shin at about the 2km mark. You and I both know what that can mean… so I’ve been taking it easy on the running, and been concentrating on my stretching and cross-training to build strength without the impact. Thankfully, England’s country-wide lockdown ended earlier in the week and the gyms are open. Huzzah!

So, I’ve taken pause on the training plan this week. I’ve had three short runs, but no longer run today. Hopefully this is going to give my leg the rest it needs and I’ll be able to pick up again next week. But I’m not going to put pressure on myself to do it – I want to take this risk of injurt seriously, and right now my body is telling me not to push through.

That, and it feels like everything I touch breaks right now. Today’s highlights include…
…. I woke up to a massive, swollen lip – an allergic reaction to something
… went to take the rubbish out and the bottom of the bag opened straight up. And then I managed to somehow spill a pint of bin juice across my kitchen while tipping said rubbish into a new bag. And I don’t usually have bin juice, so I’m extra pissed it was today
… I opened my mail to find a £558 power bill. Splendid.


I’m in good spirits, and none of this is going to hold me back. I’m sharing because I can see the funny side. Resilience is something very front-of-mind for me, and I’ve worked bloody hard to build mine over the last couple of years. That said… I’m not going to push anything the universe is resisting!

So, erm, watch this space, I guess?


2 thoughts on “Week Six – Ugh

  1. Recovery is almost as important as the training so good for you for recognizing that. The shit that happens to us is also a type of “training” to deal with the obstacles in our life. Glad you’ve maintained your good spirits.

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