Week Four – Progress?

I did not want to run today, but I did it anyway.

I’m not particularly proud of my progress this week – it’s not what I would have liked it to be. But I know I need to give myself some grace. It is still progress, and life isn’t about making great bounds of progress every day. That’s just not realistic.

Cutty Sark, Greenwich Nov 2020
Cutty Sark, Greenwich, Nov 2020
Of course it’s blurry… please do not assume I run with grace

Actually, I had a couple of really fun runs along the Thames and back through the Old Royal Naval College. The more I think about those while I sit here typing this and pull up photos, the more I’m looking forward to heading out and running there again.

Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, Nov 2020
Complete with COVID-19 social distancing signage

The Stats:

Sun 15 Nov 2020AMOutdoor4.1km7’50” pace
Thu 19 Nov 2020PMOutdoor4.5km7’51” pace
Sat 21 Nov 2020PMOutdoor3.3km7’40” pace
Total distance11.9 km

Heart health –

  • Resting heart rate – 65 bpm (previous week: 67 bpm)
  • Fitbit ‘cardio fitness’ rating – 33 : “average” (previous week: 34 “average”)


  • My resting heart rate has been all over the place this week. Overall, it has reduced (it had dropped to 65 for a bit last week, too, but last Saturday saw a small increase). This is probably what explains why I appear to have gone backwards on my fitbit cardio fitness rating. Hey-ho.
  • Work had me quite distracted earlier in the week. By Wednesday, I found that my concentration had dropped quite a bit, and my caffeine in take jumped up to accommodate. I hadn’t been running as regularly as the last couple of weeks, and my heart rate stats were all over the place. Of course they’re all related.
  • On a positive note, I’m finding it much easier to regulate my speed and run for longer periods without walking. Looking at my pacing for this weeks runs, the numbers confirm what I was feeling on those runs. While running longer at a regular pace is great news, I think the biggest win here is that I’m listening to (and better understanding) my body. That is pretty f*cking empowering.
Thames, Greenwich, Nov 2020

I’ve also been telling more people about my goal to run a half marathon – not just strangers on the internet – but people who know me but perhaps don’t get me, like my colleagues at work.

That makes it feel very real. Everyone has been great and encouraging. Some people were surprisingly exciting about it all, and offered to join me for the odd run. If I don’t succeed, these people will know. That’s neither motivating or demotivating, it just is.

I’m not doing this for them.
I’m not doing this to say that I have.
I’m doing this so I know that I can.

But the accountability can’t hurt.


One thought on “Week Four – Progress?

  1. I would consider this a progressive week. Setbacks are going to happen. You’re going to have feelings (and maybe metrics) that you are moving backwards. The best thing you can do is what you’ve done this week which is keep going and not quitting.

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