Week Three – Progress

This week started with what I thought were two broken toes, which were the absolute last straw. Parent still in hospital on the other side of the world, London still in Lockdown and a list of other things which – on their own – would be completely managable, if they hadn’t snowballed into a giant pity party.

Then, the calm came. An acceptance that; yes, things are shitty, but there is only so much in your control.

And I ran in the rain.

The Stats:

Mon 9 Nov 2020PMOutdoor2.8km7’19” pace
Tues 10 Nov 2020PMOutdoor4.2km7’15” pace
Thu 12 Nov 2020AMOutdoor2.4km8’15” pace
Fri 13 Nov 2020PMOutdoor5.0 km7’46” pace
Total distance14.4 km

Heart health –

  • Resting heart rate – 67 bpm (previous week: 69 bpm)
  • Fitbit ‘cardio fitness’ rating – 34 : “average” (previous week: same)


My breathing has been much better this week – probably a combo of the above, and my improving fitness – and I can really feel the difference. It doesn’t necessarily show in the runs, but look at that change in my resting heart rate!

I’m also learning a lot about what does(n’t) serve my body. In particular: hydration. I can run for half an hour without a water bottle (which would have been unheard of two weeks ago!) but I struggle to do it on morning runs – presumably because I’m not drinking water throughout the night, whereas I’m fully hydrated when I head out in the evenings after work. Makes sense, of course, but it’s helpful to know in the training toward a much longer, early morning race.

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