Keeping the Theme

Well, in keeping with the theme of new experiences, I had my first run in the rain tonight.

And I feel amazing now…

It’s been sunny all day, and I should have known better than to leave it until after work. But hey-ho, here we are.

The run was miserable.

No, that’s not fair. The actual raining was pretty good. I’ve had a wonderfully calm day, and my anxiety is starting to feel under control. It felt like I was making real progress with my breathing while I was out running.

The rain was f*cking awful.

My running jacket was actually pretty good. my upper body stayed pretty dry, and my phone was absolutely fine. I wouldn’t trust it to run it for an hour, but for tonight’s run it served me well.

I kept to the streets for better visibility, rather than running up on Blackheath, and it was nice having a change of scenery (though, I’ll pick Blackheath or Greenwich park in the day time, any time!).

Okay, now I’m rambling.
The point is: I ran in the rain. It sucked at the time but oh-my-God it feels amazing now.

My lungs have space. For proper breathing.
And I’m cozy with my PJs on.

Here’s to setting goals, working towards them, and feeling the buzz of progress.

We’ve got this.

5 thoughts on “Keeping the Theme

  1. I don’t like running in the rain, especially if it is cold.
    I’d rather run in the snow.
    Once you soak through it’s just a miserable slog.
    I did run a 10K in Boston in June once and the rain kept coming down harder. Then just before the race started, the rain stopped.
    It was so hot that the pavement was steaming!
    I also ran the Boston Marathon a few years ago where the rain was coming down horizontally the entire race. Mis-er-able! But now it doesn’t seem so bad!
    Hopefully no rain tomorrow.


    • Running a marathon is impressive, but running it in horizontal rain… wow! Mind blown. That’s fantastic! Says a lot for the mental training that goes into a marathon, not just the physical.


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